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Revamp your kitchen with our premium small appliances from Illy, Berkel, and Alessi, designed for unparalleled quality and style. Buy now on SHOPDECOR®

Small kitchen appliances

Step into a world where your kitchen reflects the zenith of design and functionality. With our handpicked selection of small kitchen appliances, each morning brew and every slice becomes a testament to luxury and precision. Catering to individuals and professionals alike, our collection is more than just tools; it's a lifestyle upgrade.

Signature Brands & Iconic Designs

Our shelves boast the likes of Illy, Berkel, and Alessi - brands that resonate with quality and elegance. From the Illy Y3.3 Espresso and Coffee Machine that serves café-quality brews, to the Berkel Slicing Machine known for its razor-sharp precision, and Alessi's innovative accessories that blend form and function, we've got the crème de la crème of kitchen gadgets.

From Beans to Cuisine: Elevate Every Moment

Imagine a kitchen where the Illy Easy Coffee Machine whispers a good morning with its aromatic brews, and the Illy Electric Milk Frother adds a creamy finish to your favorite beverages. Picture a Berkel Slicing Machine crafting the perfect slices for your culinary creations. Our array of small electric kitchen appliances makes every task a breeze, blending efficiency with aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Our Curated Appliances?

It's not just about making a meal or a drink; it's about the experience. Our selection is tailored for those who appreciate the finer details, from the tactile feel of premium materials to the quiet hum of a motor that promises longevity and reliability. Alessi, Illy, and Berkel don't just manufacture appliances; they craft experiences that enrich your daily rituals.

Dive into a collection that transforms your kitchen into a haven of gourmet excellence and stylish sophistication. With our expertly curated appliances, every moment in the kitchen is a step into a world of unparalleled quality and design. Ready to redefine your culinary space?